The Days Since….

WHERE HAS AUGUST GONE!? We got back from Taiwan a month ago today! I can’t believe it’s been that long!

A lot has changed for me in the past month, so let’s start at the beginning and make a recap:

First days back (25th-27th): It was really hard to be back.  Being home was nice in some ways, but really, I just wanted to be in Taiwan.  And I really missed my team and friends new and old that I was no longer with.  

Camp week Número Uno(28th-2nd): Jr. High girls week was amazing! Being at camp really helped the transition back into the states.  The first few days were a little rough, but by the end of Tuesday I had improved a lot.  And jet lag wasn’t that bad this year.  I really enjoyed working with these middle school girls. I’ve developed relationships with several of them over the years and I love that I have gotten to keep up with them over the year, so I know more about them than just what I learn during the one week of camp.  We had an incredible speaker, Miss Trina.  She taught all about the truths of the Bible and Christianity and what the world believes.  I really enjoyed it and got a lot out of it myself. 

The day in between (3rd): I worked all day.  And did laundry. 

The Second week of camp(4th-9th):Jr girls also went smoothly. We had hardly any homesick girls, which is unusual because they are younger and tend to become more homesick than the older girls.  We did have a counselor leave early (which left me in charge of the cabin!) and another couldn’t come, both due to sickness.  But the week still went well, and several girls professed their faith.  I had some real cuties in my cabin! 

The days since (10th-25th): The past 15 or so days have been my “summer vacation” time.  I’ve been doing stuff and gone for pretty much the entire summer. So Monday the 11th was the first day I had slept past 8am for two months.  It was refreshing to relax and be home. I got to get back into the water and begin training, but official swimming starts this week! I’m so excited to train again!   During camp and during the past two weeks I’ve really felt the urge and call to go to Cambodia.  And that’s in the works. I’m very excited about this new opportunity, I’ll share more about it when the time is right. 

The first day of school starts tomorrow.  And I’m already ready for it to be June again.  New and exciting things will be happening…..stay tuned. 


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