Club Rock

For the next few months my youth group, 217, will have the privilege to serve a group of roughly 30 underprivileged kids.  We will meet one Friday a month for four months, playing games, singing songs, doing crafts, and hearing about Jesus. We have named this group, Club Rock.  On Christ the solid Rock I stand, all other ground is sinking sand. The first gathering of Club Rock occurred this past Friday.  The evening began with interacting with the kids, I gave out stickers to everyone. (Minus the two boys who were “too cool for stickers”) Others played football, Frisbee, gave piggy back rides, and ran around with the kids. After that we played games and then we ate food.  These children come from homes where food isn’t always available.  They often live with just one parent or their grandparents.  After noms and talking with the kids we gathered to sing about Jesus.  After a few songs and some energy was expended, we sat them down and talked to them about school and why it’s important. Then we decorated Tshirts.  I loved working with these little guys! Enjoy a few of their smiling faces! 


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