The Bus Driver

Jesus is a bus driver.

A bus comes and goes every single day.  Some drive around town, some across country, some are go anywhere, but most have a set route.  In this analogy, we have no control over where the bus stops.  When we begin our lives as Christians, we get to sit under the cover at the bus stop. Before, we had to wait out in the weather with no protection, completely open to harm.  But once we begin our walk with Jesus, He takes us under His shelter.  A bus comes to the bus stop, and it’s up to you to get on or not.  Now the shelter at the bus stop is the comforts of home, you’re safe and secure.  You can stay right where you are, and only face minimal dangers.  If you get on, you might end up in an accident, or you could get hurt.  You can choose to keep waiting, and waiting, and waiting until you either pick a bus to get on, or until you die.

The next step is to get on a bus. Once you’re on, you’re on for life.  You’ve given up your life to Christ and His mission, you’re living with total abandonment.  Jesus is the bus driver, He’s picking where we go, and you are just along for the ride.  It’s up to Him to who He lets on the bus with you.  It’s up to Him to how long you have to wait before the next stop, and it’s up to Him to place you where He wants you.  Some times he let’s people stay with you for a long time, others just for a short season.  He may let you off the bus to serve Him in one place for just a day, another place you may stay for years.  He’s using you to bring others onto the bus.  Jesus is the driver, and we are the passengers.

As Christians, we should be living with abandonment.  A life fully surrendered to Jesus. He knows what He’s doing.  He’s an experienced driver with a perfect record. No accidents, no mistakes.  We don’t have that experience or knowledge.  It’s not going to work if we try to take the wheel.  We have to trust Him, His timing, His plan.  It’s Jesus’ adventure, we’re just along for the ride.


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