The Jesus Generation | Passion 2014

Passion 2014 left me in awe of our Creator and in longing for heaven where we will worship as the church together forever.  There are few things on earth as wonderful as standing with 20,000 of your brothers and sisters worshiping God.  We lifted our hands and our hearts as we shouted the one name that brought us all together, Jesus.  There is nothing like singing about the amazing love that Jesus has for us.  We are the Jesus generation united for His fame.  The amount I gleaned exceeded my expectations and blew me away.  Here are a few of my favorite parts. 

Worship is a major part of Passion.  David Crowder, the Passion Band, and Hillsong led us through hours of worship.  My personal favorite was Hillsong United and the songs from Zion.  Though I knew all but one song, one key phrase that stuck with me during the whole weekend was “I will fight to follow”.  This played major role in Francis Chan’s talk the next morning about making every effort.  I can’t wait till the Passion CD is released, for I know it will played nonstop for a good while.  Nothing beats lifting your hands as thousands of voices go up in praise. I get chills every time I hear a Passion song, knowing full well what it feels like to stand with my generation in worship.  An older song, but such a good one, Matt Redman led us in 10,000 reasons.  I’m pretty sure nearly every hand was up all across the arena. 

We were blessed by such amazing speakers! Louie Giglio, the founder of the Passion Conference, spoke on Friday night about seeing Jesus.  “Crushed by grace, sent by mercy.”-Giglio  Francis Chan, my personal favorite talk, opened us on Saturday.  He spoke from 2 Peter 1, talking about making every effort in virtue, knowledge, self control, perseverance, godliness, and brotherly affection. Christine Caine rocked the house next with her Australian accent and awesome visuals. God works with our lives in a process, not like instagram but like developing 35mm film, it takes time.  “The best thing that you can do is what God has called you to. You should not covet the path of others.”  The only path I should desire is my own, God will place other people on their paths next time mine for certain seasons of life, sometimes they will cross over each other and other times the will depart from each other, but the only path I am to covet is my own.  I was designed for my path.  I will fight to follow Jesus on my path.  John Piper let us into the crock-pot of his mind; he talked about how it’s what the cross proves about the sovereignty of God that obliterates the inadequacy of our sin. 

We are personally responsible for the evangelism of the name of Jesus until He returns. During the last session, the gave the call to stand. But instead of standing because you saw your need for a Savior and Jesus as that Savior, it was a stand to be the generation that takes Jesus to the nations. I stood.  I stood because I know it’s what I was designed to do. I have the opportunity to be apart of the story of God. I may go into all nations.  And if God is going, then I’m going too. 

Whether it be worship through clapping or singing it’s all praising God. And this year we had a very special opportunity to allow others to worship Him too. We got to give so that Bibles can go out into the people of Iran.  The goal was 25,000 Bibles, and 20,000 poor college students gave enough for 33,500 and counting. 

I want you, I need you, I love you, Jesus, my heart beats forever, just to know you, and throw my future into your hands.  {Hillsong}






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