Unlearning “Jesus loves me”

I’ve had to unlearn that Jesus loves me. Growing up in church practically the first song you hear is “Jesus loves me”.  I learned the words in a matter of one Sunday school class.

 “Jesus loves me this I know

For the Bible tells me so

Little ones to Him belong

They are weak but He is strong

Yes Jesus loves, Yes Jesus loves

Yes Jesus loves me, the Bible tells me so”

I had to unlearn this song; because I only knew that Jesus loves me. I didn’t believe it, understand it, or allow it to consume my life.  Throughout my childhood I was taught facts about Jesus, the Bible and Christianity.  I knew the right thing, for the most part did the right thing, and even said I believed in all of it. But the reality was, I only knew all of it on the surface level. The Bible tells me that Jesus loves me, and it tells me that I am a Child of God and so much more. My surface level knowledge has grown and grown, so much that when you look at me you probably think “She’s a pretty good kid and loves Jesus a lot”.  But my knowledge has become like a crust on the top and nothing could break through to the depths of my soul.

I have a new anthem, a new song, a new theme for this season of life.  One line is “Let love come teach me who You are again.” (No, I didn’t write this song, Bethel Music did)

My crust is so hard, it is impossible for to break through it on my own.  I’m helpless and needing. That is why I have to let Love come.  I’ve had to unlearn so that I can relearn of the deep deep love of Jesus.

This is my prayer,

“Lord come do whatever you want to in my life with what I am facing. God I want to open my heart back up to You. I’ve been closed off Father, I know. Come do. Break through my crust and let love come teach me who You are again.  Take me back to the place where my heart was only about You and all I wanted was to just be with You. Bring me back into Your presence and quiet my soul. I will wait in Your Word, there Your spirit speaks.”

***Creds to Bethel Music “In over my head” and Hillsong Worship “Depths” and my journal


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