About Me

Well hello there!

You know that kid who read until past their bed time? I still am that kid. You know that kid who grew up climbing trees and playing outside? I still am that kid. You know that kid that could never fall asleep during nap time? Well I’ve changed a lot since I was that kid.

I have weird quirks, listen to unpopular music, and sometime fit in three naps a day. I brought more books to college than shoes because reading will always be my favorite hobby and I only need my Chacos to take me on adventures. I have big dreams to summit Kilimanjaro and paint the toenails of an elephant.



3 thoughts on “About Me

  1. V says:

    I’m so glad I found your page. How did you come to Christ? I am desperately seeking ideas on how to present the gospel or witness to my ESFP twin sister, who is not a believer and who I suspect thinks Jesus and faith in Him just takes the “fun” out of life. I’m an INFJ, and a Christian for 10 years. Any suggestions would be much appreciated!

    • tessarenee4 says:

      I grew up in a Christian home, my parents are both strong believers and I learned about Christ from a very young age. Though I “said the prayer” at the age of four, the understanding of who Jesus is and what he has done for me didn’t come until I was about 12. It’s great that you want your sister to come to know Jesus too! The best possible thing that you can do is pray for her. Prayer works and God wants the same thing you do, for her to come to Him. Showing her His love and living your life as an example of Christ is the best thing to do. Coming to Christ isn’t a “do this” or “you can’t do this”, in knowing Jesus as your personal Savior, your entire mindset changes. I’ll be praying for you and your sister. xoxo

      • V says:

        Thank you very much. Your prayer is definitely appreciated! I was thinking that perhaps, in terms of personality type, being an ESFP like my sister, you might be able to lend some insight as to how to “connect” with her spiritually. Being twins, but of completely different personality types, our thought processes, how we see the world and life differ so much it’s hard to even get on a level with her that goes beyond the material. She is so focused on the present and experiencing all the joys and “fun” of this life -risky behaviors included, and she very much avoids thinking on long term things. I know type isn’t everything, but any suggestions as to how I can I speak her “language” might help in witnessing to her. We just don’t have much in common, but she continually seeks me out and so I want to be able to be in her life without participating in her life choices, all while loving her in Christ’s name. Perhaps some examples of what kinds of things reached you in leading you to Christ

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